The cheapest and fastest communication channel

The Coronavirus has unleashed absolute chaos around the world. Many of us don’t have any experience in dealing with this magnitude of crisis, not professionally nor personally, but one thing that is absolutely crucial, and dare we say mandatory as a business, is to communicate clearly with your internal and external stakeholders. Communication; in its… Read More

Why the retail experience must be omnichannel

The “future” of retail is omnichannel, let’s get that straight. It’s not wether you pick e-commerce over brick and mortar or vice versa, but rather how you integrate the two together. I have been in the marketing scene since the early ‘90s and I have seen a certain cycle over and over…In 1994, I had… Read More

How to get started on your CXM

In recent years I have observed increased attention on a very hot topic: Customer Experience Management (CXm). This is because organizations across various industries, especially those who operate in the retail environment, understand that we have moved out of the service economy and are well into the experience economy. It’s not that the customer was… Read More