There are 2,468 wineries in Australia (2019) producing 1.29 billion liters of wine. That’s about 1.7 billion bottles! Forty percent of those bottles are produced by just four large wine groups (Pernod Ricard, Treasury Wines, Casella and Accolades). The other 2,464 wineries produce the rest.

The reality of the wine industry is that it is very fragmented and most wineries are small businesses where people work very hard and multitask at a lot of operations. But it’s their produce that makes wine interesting to explore and taste. So how can a small, boutique wine producer “know it and do it all”? The truth is that when it comes to marketing strategy, including branding, they do not know it all at all.

I have spoken with many of those little gems over the years and I consistently get this feedback: “I know how to make wine, but I don’t know how to market it”.

How can I play my little contribution? I have created “Marketing for Wineries“, a Facebook page where I attempt to connect my expertise to as many small wineries as possible and provide some useful, fluff-free, tried-and-tested answers to some of the most common dilemmas wineries have raised.

Also, at some stage, I am going to provide a regular email update to my articles and videos. If you are a winery, do sign up below to my list and you will be notified when advice is coming. And it’s free advice too!